It is still early days for us as we have only just moved to the Cotswolds however, we do live in the Toadsmoor valley and this is rich with public footpaths that go up and down (and across the valley).  Given how beautiful the countryside around us is, we plan on doing a LOT of walking, and that is why we have a whole section on our website for it.

Not really knowing where to go, we came across a fantastic website by RR Gordon who has created a series of walks that seem to be mainly located in the West near Stroud but do go as far as the Windrush Valley in the East (a place we love).   You can go to Rod’s website here and download handy booklets that have all the walks in them.  Rod and his wife Nicky’s level of description to get you round the route without you needing to know where you are going is astonishing and he has had help from his dog, Daisy, too!   At the time of writing we have done three of the walks and got round them all safe and sound without getting lost or unsure even once.

I can highly recommend doing any of these walks and going to his website to get his books.  As we do the walks and I capture them, you will see some of them appear on this website.